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The FAQ database is here to help you find a quick answer to some of the most frequently asked questions about free imagehosting services. Please check the FAQ before e-mailing us.

Where are the photos, avatars, and other uploaded images that were hosted on

The previous owner of this domain name closed the Yoxio free image host service, and gave a few weeks for users to download them in case they did not have backups. This domain name is now on a different server, and the previous owner has probably deleted the images and cancelled the dedicated web hosting server he had rented.

So, what do I get?

The basic features are given in the free image hosting lists, but you can check each free imagehost website for its additional features it may have. Most free hosts either give a specific amount of free space, or have "unlimited" storage space (only limited by the size of their servers' hard drives, which you can use to store your photo's, avatars, and any other images. Generally you can upload as many images as you can fit into that webspace, and their (hopefully) fast servers will serve up your images 24/7 anywhere you need to use them.

What are the limitations?

Each listed free hosting site differs, but most have a set maximum filesize limt: you cannot upload more than that max size of images to your account. All images must be in a certain image format (usually GIF, PNG, or JPEG file extensions), and not contain offensive content. There are currently no bandwidth limits (within reason) for many free imagehosts, but are generally listed for those that have data traffic limitations.

Is "hotlinking" allowed?

Of course! The free imagehosting guide is here to help you find free picture hosting sites that serve your images anywhere on the internet, and allow direct linking your images on other web sites such as online auctions, blogs, Myspace, forums, message boards, and other personal websites.

How do I get the image address (URL)?

After uploading your image, click on the clipboard icon next to the relevant image, and a box should popup showing you the image address. If you have a popup blocker installed or javascript disabled, the box with the address in may not popup. Try disabling any popup blockers and checking that javascript is enabled.

I've lost my password; what can I do?

Go to the free image host's lost password page (if they have one), and you can get a new password sent to you.

How do I change my password?

Login to the image hosting site and click the 'Edit Details' link in the side menu. You'll then be able to change your password to something different.

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