Why Register at
Free Image Hosting Sites?

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Why should I register at a free image host site?

There are usually several benefits of registering at free imagehosting sites that require users to login before uploading pictures and images. Registering as members and being logged in allows you to upload images and access your Control Panel in order to view and manage all of your images online. Some free image hosts require that all users register because it cuts down on people who abuse their services and allows them to provide a more stable server network for hosting your images. That policy might help them to be the most reliable free image host around!

We know that most people don't like registering for sites and filling in huge amounts of information, so many free imagehosts have made the signup process super simple -- they only need you to choose a username and password and to enter a working email address; they don't want or need any more information from you. So what are you waiting for? Find the free image hosting service that meets your needs, and register now, and you will be uploading your images in minutes!

If you prefer to upload images anonymously, see this directory of free image hosting sites.

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